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Company Honor

In 1998, 500kV transmission line towers were outstanding new products in Nanjing Golden Horse Awards, Outstanding New Product Award in Nanjing; company was awarded the Nanjing municipal government, "the construction of new advanced unit in Nanjing";
In 1999, the products were customer satisfaction products of Nanjing, Nanjing, protection products, brand-name products of township enterprises in Jiangsu Province; company was awarded the "development of advanced industrial enterprises in Nanjing", "AAA grade credit enterprise", "the first billion Jiangpu County industrial enterprises ";
500kV transmission line tower in 1999 by the National Economic and Trade Commission awarded the "National Key New Product";
500kV transmission line tower in 2000 were "national '9 o 5' excellent new product innovation" award;
2002 500kV transmission line tower won the "Jiangsu Famous Brand" title, company won the "Jiangsu Civilization Unit";
2003 500kV transmission line tower won the "Nanjing Famous Brand";
Nanjing in 2004 was the title of outstanding private enterprises;
By 2005, "Jiangsu Province AAA level contract and trustworthy enterprise", an "excellent enterprise quality management in Jiangsu Province," the title of the "tax hundred private enterprises in China" title;
2006 was the "Taxpayer private enterprises in Jiangsu Province" title;
2007 was the "National Trustworthy Enterprise";
In 2008 he was awarded the State Grid Corporation of "special contribution to the disaster protection units of electricity," China Southern Power Grid Company was awarded the "anti-ice relief Special Contribution Award";
2009 was the "Nanjing tax credit AAA level enterprise";
Nanjing in 2010 was well-known trademarks.

2004, awarded by Jiangsu Provincial Tourism Bureau "★ ★ ★ ★ hotel";
April 2005 The People's Republic of China designated reception tenth Games Hotel (Hotel);
Nanjing in 2007 was named executive director of the Tourist Association unit;
2007,2008 Pukou District, was named the year letter three excellent units;
2009 -2.01 thousand years of travel party and government organizations designated hotels;
In January 2009 in - Canada - United States International Cooking Contest Central Plains Division in technical exchange group special gold medal was awarded;
March 2009 Nanjing tourism industry to create national civilized city active units;
January 2009 was named China's Top Ten Hot Spring base;
June 2009 was named Association of Jiangsu Province key health care recommended by enterprises;
March 2009 Cultural Fair in Nanjing as wedding wedding recommended hotels;
In May 2010 recommended the hotel reception the Yangtze River Delta Tourism Expo.

2000 was awarded the "Trees and Flowers Nanjing Science and Technology Demonstration Park";
2002 was awarded the "National Demonstration Base of agricultural science."

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