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1、LOGO of Daji

Daji Group's logo is composed by three initials, "Jilin", "Da and Ji" in pinyin, that forms pictographic pattern. One J and D shapes ellipse that means symbol of the earth; another J shaped like a swan spread its wings

Logo meaning: J, D, J on behalf of Jilin Daji, the implication is Daji Group is from Jilin Province. Combination of three letters intertwined, symbolizing the Group's three major industries together and promote each other; swans in the vast sky flies, a symbol of business to the world, rushed courageously, courage and determination.

2、Corporate song

 In 2008, to commemorate the opening of the Nanjing Daji Steel Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd. tenth anniversary, under the company's initiative, the trade unions and youth federations launched a corporate Song Competition. On the basis of reference and absorb contributors, company organized related personnel to collective creative, on March 18, 2008 completed the creation of lyrics. This corporate song was named "Overlooking the golden sun", composed by Ma Xilin, national level command and composer of Jiangsu Province Song and Dance Theatre.

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