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    Social Responsibility

Since the establishment of Nanjing Daji Steel Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd., it provides a large number of high-quality tower products for national power engineering projects. From 1998 to 2009, the company has cumulative production of a variety of voltage levels of transmission tower nearly 10,000 tons, and participated State Grid 500kV and above voltage transmission more than 200 construction projects to ensure reliable product quality and safe operation of grid. At the State Grid construction projects, and actively take urgent, difficult, important, large construction tasks, set a good image of a responsible company.
In early 2008, a rare snow disaster struck large areas of southern China, causing damage to power facilities in several provinces. Snow disaster, the company assumed 25 relief Tower Transmission Project production tasks in stricken regions for six provinces: Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hubei. Cadres and workers with a high sense of social responsibility, gave up the Spring Festival holiday, positively engaged into protecting electric from disaster, well done the relief Tower of production tasks. Company was highly praised by the State Development and Reform Commission, the State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Corporation and the Jiangxi provincial leaders. Zhang Guobao, NDRC Vice Chairman of the National came to the company on the fourth day of spring festival, and sent a congratulatory message after the disaster. State Grid Corporation and China Southern Power Grid Corporation awarded the company the "Special Contribution Award on electrical disaster insurance." Jiangxi provincial government has also made a special trip to the company issued a banner and commemorative awards.
Company makes contribution to the development of the local economy. To the end of 2008, in Pukou district the company's total investment is 1.6 billion in fixed assets, of which a property investment 60 million yuan, 1.16 billion investment in industry, tertiary industry will invest 400 million yuan. Company made a contribution to the construction of local economic and a new socialist countryside.
Revitalizing the bad assets of the government. The foundation of Nanjing Daji Steel Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd. timely and effectively utilized non-performing of the mineral springs of polyester filament plant and resolved the contradictions between government and investors. The foundation of Nanjing Daji Gardening Co., pulled out financial difficulties and regain vitality, and gave impetus to the town nursery stock industry in the process of industrialization. Nanjing Longyuan Steel Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s creation made Shiqiao Jinqiao steel plant in bankruptcy optimal use of resources. That enhanced both Tangquan and Shiqiao two town's industrial strength. To 2009, the Daji Steel Tower and the Longyuan company's total sales revenue reached 7 billion yuan, profits and taxes 500 million yuan, companies became the prime of local industry.
Promoting industrial restructuring of Tangquan Town. In the category of first industry, Daji Gardening company and the creation of nursery market made Tangquan seedlings business change to industrial scale and direction, promoting Tangquan seedlings and tourism industry. In the third industries, Daji hot springs resort and Daji real estate company established to make the mineral springs of the tourism industry has seen rapid development, improve the visibility of the mineral springs, enhanced communication with the outside world, thus changing the concept of the local farmers to speed up a small town construction. To solve a number of rural surplus labor and employment, landless peasants, migrant workers more than 2,000 people, in order to maintain social stability, contributing to a harmonious society.
In an important contribution to local economic development, meanwhile Daji plays his role in funding local education, welfare, urban construction. To 2009, the company has donated 10 million yuan to Tangquan government for the development in the small towns and the public good. Daji Invested in the public square, parking and the construction of urban roads, roadside greening and education.
In 2007, Daji invested 2.5 million yuan titled and participated in a charitable donation in Pukou. After 12th May, 2008, Wenchuan earthquake, the company active in fund-raising activities for the disaster area. One-time contributions to one million yuan for the earthquake affected areas, and donated 200,000 yuan worth of drinking water.

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